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Dental Implants

dental implantsImplant Restoration

Losing a tooth to an accident or otherwise can not only be painful and inconvenient, but can also cause serious detriment to your self-esteem. A missing tooth can throw the mouth off balance, causing problems for chewing and speaking. While a more traditional solution to the problem of missing teeth is removable dentures, it is hardly as convenient as modern implant restorations.
Dental implant restorations have several advantages over dentures. Firstly, dentures tend to interfere chewing and are not half as efficient as real teeth. Secondly, dentures need to be taken out to be cleaned. Also, cleaning dentures is inconvinient. Modern dentistry has invented a permanent solution to such problems.
Dental implant restorations simulate the presence of actual human teeth. A dental implant is placed directly in the jaw, in the space of the missing tooth and topped with a crown, preferably tooth colored. Residual gum and bone tissue grow around the implant, further strengthening its position as time passes.
The final effect is that of a healthy set of sparkling teeth. Due to their permanent nature, regular visits to the dentist and basic oral hygiene is all you will need to take good care of your dental implants. Dental implants are also proven to cause lesser obstruction in speech and chewing

Advantages of Dental Implants
The least costly and most commonly used method by dentists to restore a patient’s dentition is the removable denture. The downside of the removable denture is the inconvenience of daily removal and maintenance. Dental implants on the contrary are securely anchored to your jaw and look and feel more like your real teeth, with the added durability of being resistant to decay and comfortable with which to chew.
The dental implant itself is made of Titanium, a very strong, corrosion-resistant, natural element that is perfectly biocompatible with bone. It therefore makes an ideal root replacement (anchor) for your missing tooth. The implant is placed within the upper and/or lower jaw to act as a direct or indirect anchor for the replacement teeth

More Natural

Teeth replaced with dental implants offer a more natural look and feel for the patient. As the implant fuses with the bone in the jaw, the prosthesis is securely anchored with no chance of embarrassing movement of the replacement teeth. With dental implants, your teeth look, feel and function in a healthy and stronger manner.
  1. No Movement. Due to this enhanced anchorage offered by dental implants, patients develop improved confidence that they would not necessarily attain from a removable prosthesis (no need for messy adhesives). With dental implants, a person can feel secure that their teeth will not move. There are no limits to your activities for fear of embarrassment of your denture moving.
  2. No Sore Spots. Because your implant supported replacement teeth are not resting directly on the tissue of your mouth, you don’t develop uncomfortable sore spots. On the other hand, removable dentures can cause inflammation of the mouth tissues that are under the denture itself, primarily if not removed every night when sleeping and if not cleaned on a daily basis.
  3. Stimulation of bone growth: Keeping your teeth helps to preserve your jaw bones. Once a tooth is lost, one of the major problems that face dentists that treat edentulous patients is the continuing loss of jaw bone. The result of all this bone loss over time is that removable dentures start fitting less and less well. As the tissue under the denture starts to shrink and pull away from the underside of the denture, it leaves less and less support underneath the removable prosthesis. This is when all the problems associated with an ill-fitting denture start to show. Dental implants, like natural teeth, help to stimulate bone growth. One of the most fascinating and important properties of titanium, the material from which dental implants are made, is that it attracts the growth of bone cells.
  4. Improved Chewing Function: Due to the lack of permanent anchorage, removable dentures can move or slip  while eating, therefore making eating a difficult and less than desirable task. The ability to chew foods improves dramatically with dental implants.
  5. Improved Taste Sensation: A complete upper removable denture covers the entire roof of the mouth. Your tongue and the roof of your mouth are covered with thousands of tiny taste buds. Once the roof of the mouth is covered with the removable denture, food becomes less easy to taste, more difficult to sample and enjoy. With an implant-supported prosthesis, the roof of the mouth is not covered and food can be tasted by all the taste receptors in the mouth.
  6. Long Lasting: With proper care, implants can be the best long term solution..
  7. Enhanced Phonetics. Removable dentures can slip and slide around in the mouth. A complete, upper denture, and some designs of upper partial dentures, cover the roof of the mouth. Both can result in interference with the normal phonetic movements of the tongue, causing difficulty in normal speech. Implant supported teeth normalize speech and allow the person to regain confidence when speaking in social settings.
  8. Improved nutritional uptake by digestive system. Digestion begins in the mouth. Teeth subject food to the mechanical process of grinding, breaking it down into smaller and smaller pieces. Almost simultaneous with the  smelling and chewing of food, saliva secretes onto and mixes with it. The enzymes in the saliva begin the further digestive breakdown of food. Now, if the step of mastication (grinding) of food were to be reduced due to inefficiency of a removable denture, the digestive process would be altered and food would not get properly digested further along the digestive tract. This improper digestion directly leads to fewer vital nutrients being absorbed later on in the digestive system. Nutritional balance is further indirectly enhanced by the stability of an implant-supported prosthesis. As one is more confident to enjoy a varied and healthy diet, and you are not restricted to what you can eat due to unstable removable dentures, then overall nutritional balance of the person is improved.
  9. Reduction in the loss of the prosthesis. Removable dentures can easily be misplaced and lost. There are ample stories of domestic pets ‘eating’ the patients prosthesis (dogs and cats are attracted to the saliva that coats the prosthesis. However, with a fixed, implant-supported prosthesis , your likelihood of loss is next to nil.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you are encouraged to seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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